National Science Foundation Science and Engineering Indicators

Project Description & Relevance

Since 2006, Omni has provided NSF with all of the elements needed to produce publications and their microsite for its Science and Engineering Indicators biennial products. Omni began producing print reports for NSF in 1994.
OmniStudio produces the print and 508 PDF versions of the SEI report’s Digest publication, which features the key findings of the main report. In addition, Omni managed the printing and provided digital assets for the Indicators website. In 2016, Omni also created an interactive website that featured highlights of the report.
This project requires expertise in data conversion and presentation, text layout, and indexing. The very nature of the highly technical content required careful collaboration with various writers and the production team as multiple proofs and edits were made.

Core competencies included in Omni’s work with National Science Foundation

Project management, print design, print production, photo research, color proofing, paper selection, printing management, web design and coding, interactive maps, charts and tables production, and Section 508 PDF compliant files.